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Got bored this weekend, so i decided to finally draw this picture… 
…and before you thank me, it was my pleasure.


Got bored this weekend, so i decided to finally draw this picture… 

…and before you thank me, it was my pleasure.

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A letter from a Bitter (City fan) to Sky. Brilliant.

I am writing to express my complete and utter condemnation of the treatment given to a true English Legend such as Mike Summerbee during your coverage of the Manchester Derby on 12/2/2011.

It seems very obvious to me that every attempt was made to belittle, ridicule and demean every positive comment the former Manchester City winger made, by his fellow pundits Redknapp and Yorke and of the main presenter.

The most telling was their attempt to portray Mr Summerbee as someone who was not in complete possession of the facts of the game by revealing the stats which showed Man Utd had a 54%-46% possession advantage over Manchester City.

However the TRUE faces as stated on your OWN website and various other websites shows that Mr Summerbee was actually correct in his assumption that Manchester City possessed a greater period of possession (51%-49% in favour of Manchester City)

I would like to know whether or not it is the general practice of Sky Sports football coverage to present inaccurate facts and to demean past legends of the game just so you can present a positive and superior image of Man Utd over Manchester City.

I also noticed the bias concerning Mr Tyler in his commentary, went beyond the realms of the acceptible and a blatant example of a lack of impartiality.

For someone like myself who has subscribed to Sky Sports for 7 years, i have noticed this trend for a while but it is only after today that it has become glaringly obvious that, for a self confessed impartial sports broadcaster, today’s events and spiteful, playground demeaning of Mr Summerbee leads me and indeed others, to believe this is anything but the case for Sky Sports, and as a result i am seriously considering my subscription as a viewer, i don’t expect to see a one-sided viewpoint from the presenters and indeed the network for such high profile games such as this.

I expect at least a reply from someone at Sky Sports to explain why the programme had an obvious bias towards Man Utd and the dispicable attempt of demeaning a long serving former English footballer using inaccurate or misinterpreted statistics which have since shown Mr Summerbee’s comments to be wholly accurate in their delivery.

Feb 12


Wonder Goal of the Day: So, Wayne Rooney just scored the greatest goal of his life.


Feb 11

Sounds rather splendid. 


27 - Title Fight

Off their new album, Shed, due out on SideOneDummy Records on May 3rd, 2011. Check it out and download the track HERE.

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